About Us


To be a world class organisation in the provision of holistic health care, education and community based support services to children 0-18 years of age, parents, carers and families.


To provide high quality health care, respite, support and home nursing services to children , families and carers, with sick children and children living with a range of special needs to enhance their health, well-being and quality of life.

To provide a seamless holistic approach to developing individual care plans, access to healthcare professionals, specialists and support programs and provide community services to all communities regarding paediatric child care.

To work collaboratively from an integrated services model with other organisations dealing with health transformation and education to ensure the best outcome and provision of services to children and families.

Company Core Values

Passion – A heart for serving children and families

Dedication – Committed to providing safety, and support to all children and families and upholding the UN convention on the rights of a child

Compassion – To treat all children and families with respect and dignity to enhance their quality of life
Honesty – To work ethically and maintain open communication

Integrity – To apply the highest ethical standards demonstrating honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Excellence – To be committed to the quality of our products and services and our responsiveness to our clients and strive to ensure our practices are of the highest quality

Innovation – a commitment to seek new approaches to service and care; to willingly try new ways with vitality, energy and enthusiasm to integrate services to provide the best possible experience for all our clients

Respect – We seek to value and invest in our highly trained and experienced staff

Professionalism – to maintain our professional knowledge and skills through professional development and training opportunities

Courage – to Shape a better future for children and families

Humanity – We recognise and uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations rights of the child

Learning – We believe a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of each individual and the company


We are located at:
Unit 2 895a Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052
Unit 1 774 Beaufort Street, MT Lawley WA 6050


Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Office is closed

Service Delivery:
24 hrs a day
7 days a week
365 days a year

Emergency Situation:
Due to the nature of our work, sometimes there may be delays in receiving any messages left. Please do not use text messages. If the matter is urgent please call either your referring doctor or specialist; the emergency ward of your nearest public hospital, Acute Response Team at PMH (1800 048636) or Crisis Care (9223 1111).