Carina Rudman

Founding Member and Managing Director (MAICD)

Carina Rudman is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, trainer, international government advisor, human rights advocate and organisational development expert, with over 24 years’ experience in information technology and international health care issues.

Offering considerable executive level management experience with the likes of IBM, Comparex Group, Dutch Bank and Dimension Data, amongst others, Carina is deemed an internationally acclaimed Trainer and Organisational Development expert with skills, qualifications and accreditations in the public sector and community program development. In addition, Carina has an outstanding legacy of contribution to the Not-for-Profit (NGO) segment and in particular working across the special needs, children, aged and the health care sectors.

Carina not only cares passionately for children with special needs and their families but she acts on this passion by finding solutions to problems and helping the underprivileged.

Carina has set up feeding schemes, worked in conjunction with the World Health Organisation, the African Continent and in South Africa to rehabilitate under and malnourished children and provided ongoing healthcare solutions for underprivileged children, which meet the international standards and specifications.

Carina is a highly experienced, in both the public and private sectors and has on many occasions been the innovator and visionary behind international government funded projects and ventures. Carina is passionate about caring, and as the Founder Member and Managing Director of Paediatric Nursing Services she is the driving force behind the development of their holistic “in home” family services for chronically, critically and terminally ill children.

Carina Rudman – LinkedIn

Past and Current Directorships:

  • Paediatric Nursing Services
  • Saqqara Holdings
  • Serapeum Foods
  • Amazing Foods
  • Power Foods
  • Disease Management Solutions
  • Promat Collages
  • SA Data Systems
  • Domus Software

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