360 Community Support and Development

Purposely build respite facilities with overnight services (short and longer term care).

Purposely build integrated community hubs.

Early intervention protecting children through a systematic circular system.

Supplying appropriate and practical care, protecting children.

Positive support for parents with children in care.


  • Natural play for children with special needs
  • Attachment parenting

The Outdoor Explorers Program:

children-playing-ongrassOutdoor play produces resilient, sociable and happy children; with this in mind, Paediatric Nursing Services has the commitment to facilitate the integration of nature into the daily lives of all children and their families. Children with special needs, and especially multiple special needs, are often more limited than most children when it comes to playing and exploring outdoors, the Outdoor Explorers program seeks to make outdoor play possible for these children. It is the intention of this project to bring back a sense of fun, freedom, challenge, adventure and possibility to the lives of children with special needs through interaction with nature.
The Outdoor Explorers Program