The Outdoor Explorers Program

The Details:

The Outdoor Explorers program is suitable for children with special needs between the ages of 6 and 12 years. The program runs according to the school term.


Please contact us for dates and times by using the form at the bottom of this page or call our office on (08) 6155 6955

The Program:

Research shows that participation in outdoor play has many advantages such as: reversing fatigue, provision of a varied learning environment, enhanced cognitive flexibility, and provision of contact with important micro-organisms that are important for the development of a healthy immune system. Outdoor Play also holds many benefits for children’s emotional wellbeing; it is found to increase social cohesion and support, boost creativity, and self-esteem, improve self-discipline and self-efficacy and reduce stress.

children-playing-ongrassOutdoor play produces resilient, sociable and happy children; with this in mind, Paediatric Nursing Services has the commitment to facilitate the integration of nature into the daily lives of all children and their families. Children with special needs, and especially multiple special needs, are often more limited than most children when it comes to playing and exploring outdoors, the Outdoor Explorers program seeks to make outdoor play possible for these children. It is the intention of this project to bring back a sense of fun, freedom, challenge, adventure and possibility to the lives of children with special needs through interaction with nature.

Children and their parents, or carers will be provided with interesting, age-appropriate, and fun places to visit accompanied by professional care workers who will provide personal care and supervision to children while they participate in activities or enjoy some unstructured play time. The project aims to provide opportunities for children to play and explore in the natural environment, rather than in constructed playgrounds, this means that children will come into contact with water, dirt, sand and plants. It is anticipated that this will give them the opportunity to engage their imaginations, learn to take calculated risks, use initiative to overcome challenges and provide an escape from the confines of their limitations, whilst still being in a safe place with access to specialised care when required.

Paediatric Nursing Services has the commitment to facilitate the integration of nature into the daily lives of all children and their families.

The major benefit of our program is its flexibility; parents can have some respite care through their children attending the program, or the program can offer parents and carers an exciting and healthy alternative for a family outing that is fun and supportive. We have an experienced multidisciplinary team of staff with skills in nursing, occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology, and early childhood education.

Bookings and contact details:

For all enquiries and enrolments, please contact our offices on (08) 6155 6955 or use the form below.

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    The Outdoor Explorers Program

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